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Pure Exhaustion!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Ya'll, I'm not gonna lie, I am exhausted. Now that the weather has been decent we have poured our efforts into working on our kennels amongst everything else we do of course. This past year has been difficult in every aspect. After losing my job at our local veterinary clinic due to COVID and the increased cost of pretty much everything, construction of our building has been much slower and made us re-evaluate how we do business. It's complicated but as life has become more difficult to navigate we have done our best to adjust to changes. Prices have changed, policies have changed, our lifestyle has changed, our breeding program is changing.....

All I can say is that we are doing our best. Every day I wake up and remind myself why we work so hard to make everything work and it's because of these kids! They are my whole world and my husband has been our biggest advocate! I can't thank Grandpa Ben enough for all his help as well! We could not have done this building without him! And it gives him an excuse to visit his grandkids. At night I count my blessings and pray that we can keep doing everything we love for us and for them!

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