Reference Sires

Back Country RB Johnny Cash


Registered Miniature American Shepherd through AKC and ASDR. 


Johnny is a sweet gentle medium drive laid back kind of guy!  He loves everybody and gets along great with all the other dogs.  Crate trained, leash trained, litter pan trained, house trained and well mannered.  He has joined a new breeding program Wiggle Bottom Shepherds in Jacksonville, OR.    

16" tall 28 lbs, minimal blue merle with blue eyes.  Red factored.

Clear full genetic panel through Wisdom Panel Optimal Selection.

PRA-PRCD Carrier only.

OFA Hips Prelim- Fair

OFA Elbows Prelim- Normal

Sire is a 16" blue merle 

Dam is a 16" red tri weighing 33 lbs.

Lavaquera Willie



Registered Miniature American Shepherd through AKC and Miniature Australian Shepherd ASDR and NSDR.  

Willie is who started it all! Medium energy level, extremely smart, loyal and willing to please.  He loves to play fetch and help momma dig her gopher holes to set traps.  Has natural herding instincts and is no longer allowed to be around chickens unsupervised, lol.    He will stay with BCA to live out his retirement as the farm watch dog! 


16.5" tall 34 lbs, dilute red merle with minimal white and hazel eyes.

Full clear genetic panel through Paw Prints.


OFA Hips- Good

OFA Elbows- Normal.  

Sire red tri. 

Dam blue merle.

Back Country George


Registered Miniature American Shepherd through AKC and Miniature Australian Shepherd ASDR.  

George is a sweet boy, can be timid but warms up quickly.  Travels well, has a great call back and is just a gentleman.  Medium drive.  George now resides in Germany!  Our first international Aussie!


14" tall 16 lbs, red tri with blue eyes.  

Clear full genetic panel through Wisdom Optimal Selection Panel except  MDR1-Carrier 

Sire is a 15" tall blue merle weighing 18 lbs.

Dam is 13" tall red tri weighing 11 lbs.  


Reference Dams

Bonbons Dally Wrangler


Registered Miniature American Shepherd AKC.  

Dally is super friendly and playful.  Travels well, crates, is leash trained, gets along great with all the other dogs and loves the kids.  She is medium to high drive as she can get pretty excited when first working with her and can be very chatty at first.  In the house she uses the doggie door and is very well behaved, does not chew anything up and is pretty quiet and content.  She is the perfect puppy babysitter.       

15.5" tall 24 lbs, Blue merle with marbled eyes. 

Full panel clear through Wisdom Panel Optimal Selection except is a DM carrier. 

Sire is a black tri

Dam is a red merle

Back Country Lassy Bow


Registered Miniature American Shepherd AKC and ASDR .  

High drive but fairly quiet.  She is a little bouncy at times but she can't help but be easily excited.  She is stout, big boned and absolutely stunning!  She is crate trained but can be a chewer when bored, however, give her a bone or a hoove and she is a happy camper, travels well, and is house trained.  Has had 1 litter of 9 so far and has been an amazing momma!  This amazing girl now is a part of a new breeding program in Ronan, Montana!

17.5" tall 40 lbs, hazel eyes red-tri with full collar.  

PRA-PRCD carrier otherwise full panel clear through Wisdom Panel Optimal Selection.

Sire is 17.5" tall 40 lbs, blue eyed red merle (Rikashays Painted Illusion "TJ Clide")

Dam is 17" tall 32 lbs, blue eyed black tri (Back Country Bonnie Lass)