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Our Story

Our story began years ago.  The first Aussie I had during college began my obsession with this breed.  Now my husband and I raise these incredible animals in hopes to share them with those in search of adding something special to their family that they can also enjoy!

We created Back Country Aussies together as the breed complimented our lifestyle so well and to help bring our boy/girl twins into the world.  The process to grow our family was extremely expensive, an emotional rollercoaster and draining.  A debt that will probably follow us for the rest of our life, but totally worth it!  Our family is worth more than we can put a dollar sign on.  This program was also designed to grow with them and allow more family time as well as the opportunity to provide education.


This breed is incredibly smart, athletic, tentative, willing to please and loyal.  Now our goal is to provide quality pets that best represent the breed in all aspects.  These dogs are so versatile and yet so individually unique that we strive to find the best match for pet owners and their new additions!

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