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Available Older Dogs

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Any retired breeding dog or non-breed quality dog will be spayed/neutered before leaving (if eligible), price includes this procedure.  Intact dogs that are still breed quality being purchased as "Pet Only" can be spayed/neutered at Buyers request and expense before pickup if desired.


(Reduced)- $600 Rehoming Fee

DOB: 10/31/17

Eligible for registration as Australian Shepherd through AKC. 



Herbie is a sweet gentle low drive laid back kind of guy!  A little on the shy side but loves being on the farm with room to run!  A little too eager to play with chickens so would not recommend him being around free range chickens.  Gets along great with all the dogs, is crate trained, leash trained, house trained, loves to play fetch and brings the ball back so nicely, rolls over on command  and travels decent.  He is not great with small children so recommend older children that can earn his trust or adults.  He bathes well and you can blow dry him however, he does not like the dryer near his face understandably.  Easy to brush and trim as well.  Good guard dog as he will alert you when someone comes or hears unusual noises.  He plays well with other dogs, seems to be okay with cats, but he is a big boy and needs lots of exercise.  Re-homing fee reduced in hopes to find him a home for the holidays!  We feel this boy is worth way more but with litters on the way we are needing to make space and our limited time is pushing our priorities.  

21.75" tall 52 lbs, blue merle with a full white collar and blue eyes.

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