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Weekly Cleaning

Cleaning every day is a necessity. But deep cleaning every 7- 10 days is also very important. We are always looking for more and better ways to improve our sanitation practices. Canine Coronaviruses and Parvo viruses are very real and while we have been lucky to never have any cases of Parvo we do occasionally see Corona.

One of my favorite odor eliminator is KOE but it is rather expensive and is not a disinfectant so we tend to mix Rescue with it. We now only used it in our inside mop bucket for more daily use. For the big jobs we have found a new product called Top Performance Original Fresh Scent. It smells amazing and is a fraction of the cost. The fresh scent tends to stick around longer after rinsing in which the other combo does not.

My husband bought me this electric pressure washer and it makes cleaning so much more faster, no more buckets and scrubbing and I can clean the outside runs in under an hour. It definitely needs to be stored inside during colder months so working parts do not freeze and break. We really use it for everything now haha!

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