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OFA Time!

We are excited to announce that Bonnie and Clide have passed official OFA testing for hips and elbows both showing normal elbows and good hips based on radiographs!

One may ask why we waited so long to have these tests performed and my honest answer is, for one, I was not worried in the least that they would pass, and two, we were more focused on being able to house and care for our animals safely and effectively overall and these tests are not cheap so we have just prioritized our goals accordingly.

More OFA's to follow, we are just awaiting for the proper age to have them done! Please note that if we notice something of concern when selecting our breeding animals that that will always be disclosed and depending on the condition they will either retire early or not stay in our program. Our goal is to have healthy animals that best represent the breed standards. I have yet to see the perfect dog as my standards are high but we are always striving to improve when we can and where we can!

We have considered retiring Clide but based on life circumstances, his overall good health, demeanor and character we are able to overlook the things not so desirable which are just nit-picky things anyways like being a carrier for PRA and hard to keep clean lol. Clide is a goofball, but, we love him and knowing what he is and what he produces I am still happy with the those results and he is here to stay for a little while longer!

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