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Unfortunate Events

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I have always considered us lucky in the health department with as many animals as we have. However, these last couple of months have shown us otherwise in a series of unfortunate events.

One of our bred mares decided to sand colic on us while Derek was out guiding so I had no way to take her to the vet as he had our only pickup. Luckily one of my good friends who worked at the local veterinary hospital was able to come pick her up and take her in. She was in bad shape, not feeling well, lying down a lot, not thrashing but just not interested in eating at all and that is unusual for a horse. I knew she had an infection by the smell of her breath so she stayed at the clinic all week and it was not looking good. We were preparing for the worst case scenario of having to put her down. But by the grace of God she pulled through!

Fast forward not one week later, poor little Porter puppy giggled his little tush right off the porch stairs and broke his femur! How on earth he was capable of that I will never know! Never had I ever had something like this that happens so often lead to such an extensive surgery! But here we are, 1 plate surgery and now 8 weeks of healing to go!

Now for an update on our mare.....After getting her home and her week round of antibiotics she foundered just days after her treatment. The vet suspected the cause was from her severe colitis during her colic and now we are on more antibiotics twice a day. Poor thing, just one thing after another. Time for a break? I don't think so.

One of the taxidermy freezers went out also while Derek was away and that is never fun! Especially when you walk into the garage to find the freezer bleeding.....yuck. So done with buying used freezers for the record. Time for a new commercial freezer. Found one in Ontario, Oregon. This thing has 6 doors on wheels. Man am I liking everything that is wall mounted or has wheels, so much easier to maneuver and save space.

Now it's time to sell the car to pay for all this chaos! Anyone looking for a sporty Toyota Celica? Haven't been able to really utilize since the twins were born and it's not fair for it to just sit out int he weather. We will be putting it on the market after its detailing job early this week!

In the meantime, I am just going to continue to pray!

......Just pray

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