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The Constant Struggle

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

One of every breeders nightmare is dealing with diarrhea. Your first response is "Oh my gosh is it Parvo!" Even though, thankfully, we have never had a case of parvo here it is still the first thing I jump to conclusions. There are several things that can cause this in dogs, anything from stress, change in diet, something nasty they ate, worms, giardia, colitis, e-coli, the list goes on and on! In most cases it is easy to solve. The biggest thing we fight in our area is giardia, so that is usually the first thing we test for if regular deworming does not resolve the issue and all other options have been marked out. It is something that is easily picked up and easily treated with Panacure. Supplements can help with these symptoms. The best thing you can do when an outbreak occurs is to keep all areas as clean as you can, wash water dishes, food bowls, treat with medication and once close to the end of treatment bathe the animals with good soapy water! Note that coffee may be required (for your own sanity, insert winky face emoji).

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