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Spring Time on the Farm!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Spring time has its ups and its downs. Like for instance, it is snowing outside right now. We had about an hour of sunshine today, 4 hours of nasty cold wind, two hours of a light drizzle and now it's snowing! On the bright side we did have our first calf today! A little heifer calf, however, she is not doing so well. She was born sometime late last night or really early this morning and she is weak and has not been able to nurse yet. Momma is doing all she can for her first baby but baby just needs a little help. We gave her some colostrum and a little milk replacer and a shot of Bo-Se to help her out. We'll see how she is in the morning. She gets to spend the night in the barn with her mom with a heat lamp to keep them comfortable. Momma has never been in such a confined space before so she is a little unsettled about that! Hopefully she does not let herself out in the middle of the night.

With our luck the neighbors will call in the middle of the night to say that our barn collapsed! Haha, hope not! Keeping our fingers crossed that everyone is where we left them!

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