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New Adventures!

Amongst all the every day chaos that comes with farm life, we decided to sign up for our first reptile expo! This year we attended the Portland Metro Reptile Expo and set up our first booth ever to display and sell some of our beautiful creations! Our expectations were fairly low considering it was only a one day show and our first ever so after our initial expense of preparing for this adventure was a fair bit but we were pleasantly surprised with the turnout!

The twins got to hang out with the grandparents all day with Bob dog and Butters so it made it a lot easier to help and answer questions about ball pythons and share our joy of these animals. We sent a few home with new owners and picked up a new addition to our breeding program.

When traveling we try to make our route as productive as possible, especially when traveling across state. A lot of driving! Five and a half hours to Grandma's, drop the kids off, then drive to Lebanon (another hour) for picking up taxidermy forms to save $300 in shipping costs, then down to Elkton (another hour and a half south) to pick up snake display cases for the show, then back up to Grandma's for the night. Not sure we were going to make it home on Sunday as we started having mechanical issues halfway home but by golly she made it! There is never a dull moment on our trips!

All in all we almost broke even so we were pretty happy to have had a good first experience!

Make sure and check out our FB page for these beautiful creatures!

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