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Greener Pastures!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Today we say goodbye to one of our retired females! Windy Oaks Rawhide Tillie has officially gone to her forever home to live out her life as a retired momma and official lap dog! We will miss her but we congratulate her new family one adding a gem to their family as she is such a love and will receive more attention than she could ever dream of!

People often ask if it is hard to say goodbye to an animal you have had for so long and the answer is simple: if we were to keep every animal we liked or retired then we would be official dog hoarders and the attention we would be able to give individually would be continually divided amongst all the animals we have which would not be fair to them. So to be fair to the animal we have accepted this as a part of life and make the best decisions based on the animals needs and best interest!

All animals we raise and produce have a special place in our hearts. My daughter has learned that we do our best to give our animals the best start in life we can until they are ready for new homes. Then we must learn to adapt as they do and will and overcome to changes and share the love we have with them with others! Do we have favorites? Yes we do! Will some always stay here? Yes some will!

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