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International Aussies!!!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Those who are wondering if we ship internationally, the answer is yes we do! Our first Aussie made it safe and sound to his new home in Germany! It was quite a process, especially in these crazy times. We may hold off on any more international travel for future dogs until things settle down a bit, but knowing that it is possible is good!

George was our first dog to make this journey and we are so happy that he has found such a loving and caring home where he will be a stunning addition to their breeding program. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 it was a long wait for flight availabilities and once available very expensive! A Pet Nanny is definitely the way to go if not coming to retrieve the animal yourself. We had Marlene Weiss with International Pet Escort fly our precious George to his final destination and she did an amazing job caring for him and organizing the appropriate flights, not to mention her knowledge of the airports, travel, safety and bilingual communication skills. Thank you ladies for all working together to make this happen! We will miss him!

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