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Puppy Time

At this point the twins don't have much choice but to follow mom around every where she goes. So here we are getting them used to all the animals around the farm and the ones we interact with every day! The dogs are a big part of this house, so they must learn how to interact with them and learn to be gentle yet assertive.

Our Willie dog was in the house the other day and Colton was in his roley car when Willie approached him. Colton, not knowing any better, went to reach for him and grabbed his mane

hair. I could hear a faint whimper as Colton was pulling on his hair but luckily Willie just sat there and took it until I came to rescue him. Not every dog can take the abuse from a small child, lol. I was very pleased with the way he handled it. It will take time to teach them both, the kids to handle the dogs and the dogs how to act around small children.

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