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Heartbreak and Hard Lessons

Life on the farm is not always easy. Yesterday was a rough day, especially for poor Paisley. Most of you know that my daughter has the biggest heart for animals especially for the puppies. It's hard to keep her away from them. Every time I turn around she is crawling in with momma dog to help with the puppies and just cuddle with them. Yesterday morning she learned a very hard lesson and I a new scenario I could not have predicted amongst the dogs. As much as we do for our dogs and their safety I could not have foreseen something like this but unfortunately what is done is done.

Like most mornings she came out to help me feed the dogs in the kennels. We currently have two litters and one of her favorite things is to climb in with momma dog and snuggle with the puppies. Both these kids have learned how to open the safety locks on the kennel doors so keeping them out is pointless now. Knowing I couldn't pry her away from her happiness Colton and I continued on our morning routine off to feed the horses. While out feeding I could hear her yelling for me screaming in fear. I came running to find that she had, not thinking or knowing, let the other momma dog out and an instant dog squabble over puppies began resulting in one of our sweet boys to be caught in a tug-o-war and passing not too long after that.

Poor Paisley was completely heart broken and somewhat traumatized over the event. All I could do is just hold her tight and tell her that she didn't know that would have resulted in such a bad way. Trying to explain to a three and a half year old cause and effect can be so difficult. Something that she had never done in the past and never thought of knowing that most all our dogs get along so well. She just didn't know what to do.

The end result was devastating, even by the time I made it to the scene it was too late and it was over. I tried to explain to her that dogs are still animals, their instincts drive them to do unimaginable things without thinking of the consequences, which is why we are responsible for looking out for their best interests and keeping them safe.

So we are sad to announce that we have lost one of our sweet boy puppies out of Tinker Belles litter. Kennels will be locked for a while if mom is not around them to be monitored closely.

To top the night off my son tried burning the house down by placing all the towels in the bathroom over the space heater after his bath thinking he was just drying them off. Luckily I could smell warm fabric and went to check on him and found it before it combusted into flames.

Parenting can be so hard. Raising small humans has got to be one of the most difficult jobs out there. Being a somewhat impatient/overreactive person myself, sometimes I overreact to situations and when I realize I have I always make sure to go back and explain myself and hope for understanding on their behalf. Moments like these make me feel like a failure but then I have to remind myself that God chose me for this job and made me for this and he doesn't make mistakes. Failures are a part of life and we just gotta get back up and dust ourselves off and keep going because life goes on.

God bless the twins!

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