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Good Investments

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Let's talk money savers! When you have as many dogs as we do we are always looking for ways to save so we can invest in other more important things. Whether that be health care, genetic or color testing, new bloodlines, better equipment you name it. I used to pick up the dog poo using disposable gloves, because a lot of times it's just easier. When I was pregnant with the twins, at one point, the bending over was near impossible, not gonna lie! Balance was just harder and harder on my back. So I invested in some of these tools! Best investment ever! In the winter time, I use a kids shovel instead of the rake to get the little boogers in the pan. I do, however, purchase black single use plastic bags for the bucket liner, but they are much cheaper than the gloves. All waste goes in a dumpster and taken off the property just for sanitary reasons.

Now with the whole "COVID" thing, gloves are hard to come by anyways so this is a great way to pick up the yard and save money!

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