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Dog Life and the "Alfa Mom"

My ultimate goal is to be able to walk all my dogs together in perfect harmony! Lol, I probably could have if the momma dogs didn't have puppies. Though they may not all get along by themselves, they don't dare pick a fight when "Alfa Mom" is in charge!

Being able to walk the dogs always brings some sort of comfort and a feeling of accomplishment. So many dogs I know pull or don't respect the leash or flat out don't even know what a leash is. Working part time a local veterinary clinic I can't tell the number of dogs that come into our clinic that the owners themselves can't even control. Yes, our dogs have had their moments but they don't last. These dogs are so incredibly smart yet can be so ornery all at the same time!

All I can say is that with time, it only gets better! Just like a fine wine!

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