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Snow Aussies!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Preparing for winter is always a chore. From stringing out extension cords, heat lamps, making our homemade water bowl warmers and deciding where to place everyone for the season since the ground becomes frozen and covered with tiny little microscopic snowflakes. The biggest challenge is making sure all the cords survive the dogs! I have officially become quite familiar with rewiring extension cords due to our dogs aggressive teething fits. So, that being said, this year I ran a piece of metal conduit to the dogs house and threaded the extension cord through it in hopes to save its life! We'll see if it does the trick! I can officially say literally I was in the dog house for over an hour wiring everything back together! Having multiple dogs share a large dog house is not easy on dog beds so straw is the preferred bedding. Cedar shavings would be better but they do not degrade as fast in the yard as straw, so constant re-fluffing is refilling is sometimes necessary.

Of course having fun in the snow is always rewarding and entertaining for everyone!

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