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On Time!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

When litters arrive on time it's the best feeling because you are ready for their arrival! Bridgette did so good with her first litter. Nine healthy babies! We could only see about 6 on her x-ray so it just comes to show you how things can be unforeseen. We didn't think she would make it to her due date seeing how huge she was. But she has been a good momma and it was a textbook style delivery. Hard panting and nesting the day before as well as a drop in temperature and sure enough 24 hours later came the first little nugget! This cross was using an outside male so availabilities will be limited as the sire owner has first pick of the litter and we may be holding back several for program evaluation as well. Several factors will be involved in our decision to add to our program such as eye color, color genetics, health genetics, disposition and conformation.

So for those on our waiting list, we will be contacting you after eye color can be determined and will allow choices to be made from this litter at that time for ones that are still available. Remember that our waiting list does not guarantee "pick of a litter". Lucy is due in about a week so don't worry we will still have plenty of puppies to choose from!

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