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Leash Training 101

Updated: May 13, 2022

We try our best to do the most for our puppies before they go to their new homes. Leash training is just one thing we like to get them started on. Whether you decide to have your dog on a leash or not, at some point in their life it will come in handy! But if you ever put a leash on a puppy for the first time, prepare yourself for the puppy tantrum! They can kick and scream, flop around like a fish out of water, scream bloody murder, you name it! It's quite humorous actually, but to your neighbors not so much. In fact PETA might show up to your house at any given moment.

We try and get them past this stage for you! We start by placing a collar on them so they get used to something around their neck. Also when they are out in the yard, their playmates will grab them by it and pull them around by it so that gets them used to tugs. The next step we take is to place a slip leash on and try to coax them to come without tugging on it first and reward them with treats when they come. That works pretty good in general, but the time comes when they need to feel the pressure and respond to it by following the direction of the pull. That's when it gets more interesting! Some catch on quite quickly, others takes some more persuading. Sometimes, bringing an older dog around to help show them the ropes helps speed things along! Once we get past any real tantrums we can increase our demands and go for longer walks.

In our case, we get to multitask and take everyone for a walk! It's a win win, as long as everyone gets along!

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