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Happy Birthday!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Welcoming our newest litter on the farm! Back Country Bonnie Lass gave birth to 6 beautiful healthy puppies on 12/17/2020! There would have been 7 but one was stillborn. She showed absolutely no signs of being in labor all day and she was scheduled to have an x-ray that Saturday to do a puppy count but oh boy I guess she couldn't wait. In fact she happened to have them while we made a trip into town.

Our trips to town end up being about 2-3 hours so by the time I got home and noticed suspicious activity in the dog house I rushed out there to find her 6 puppies! A little on the chilled side I bundled them up and brought them all in. As I went outside to do a quick sweep I noticed one all by itself away from where the others were still in its sac. It is quite possible it could have made it had the sac been removed properly, but by the time I reached it it was too late and cold. I was devastated! I won't be too hard on the poor girl or myself as this was her first litter and we did all we could to monitor her signs. We are just thankful that 6 healthy babies made it and she seems to be doing well and is a great momma so far!

She produced one of every color in this litter! Unfortunately the only black-tri was the one who did not make it. All in all we are ecstatic and over the moon for this litter! Way to go momma dog!

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