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Early Arrivals!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

The hurry up and wait process! Saturday mid morning Rudy surprised us with early arrivals. 7 healthy red puppies! All absolutely stunning, can't wait for eyes to open! Today they got their tails and dewclaws done. Not a very fun process but a necessary evil. After working at a veterinary clinic for the past 5 years I can't tell you how many cases of torn dewclaws we have seen from them not being removed as puppies and it is a very simple procedure that they don't even remember or cry about (at least not after a quick pinch and scrape). Some may argue that it's better to leave them because it helps them get up under themselves better, but in reality they cause more issues than they may solve by leaving them intact when they really serve no purpose. The nails can not even naturally trim them selves because they never touch the ground. But they are good at scratching you and tearing holes in your clothes if they ever get caught up in them! Docking tails is the breed standard. I like to leave enough nub so you can still grab the tail head to do temperature readings and or rear-end cleaning. Leaving absolutely no tail can lead to bowel issues later so we like to leave just enough that your pooch can still cover up! If folks prefer a full tail, all we ask is that your choice puppy is paid in full. Tail docking has a very short window once puppies are born. They are done between the ages of 3-5 days old without anesthetics. Anything after that would call for the puppy to undergo full anesthesia which can be harmful at a young age and often has to wait and be done during spay/neuter time if you want to save money and combine the procedures.

Now the fun begins! Loving puppies, dreading them getting sick, constant sanitizing, and hoping they all find wonderful homes!

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