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Available Older Dogs

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

I wanted to take a few moments to show off our available older dogs! We have several looking for new homes and a few are being offered to breeding programs or with full rights. You may notice that they are priced a little higher than our puppies. That being said I would like to ask the question of what you think the cost of a dog trainer is and the time it takes to turn a puppy into a well mannered and trained animal?

Do you remember what it was like getting your puppy through the teething stages? Crate training, house training? Most of these animals are still very young and we have done the general work for you to take them to the next level. All our dogs are leash trained, crate trained, mostly through the destructive stages of puppyhood (I say this as they may still find opportunities to do undesirable things) and well taken care of! They are exposed to young kids, farm life, tractors, chickens, cows, horses, they are efficient at using a doggie door, routinely bathed and nails clipped. What they are not used to is a lot of strangers, high traffic, long car rides and being cooped up all day. Now occasionally we have older dogs that are priced a little lower and this just reflects a dogs life expectancy. If they are already 5-7 years old we would expect their value to be half of what we would value a trained young dog to be. Or if an animal needs special needs we may have their prices reduced to reflect that. So please take the time to evaluate your life and what you are ready for and the time you have to give to an animal before you decide what is best for your situation.

Puppies need constant and consistent interaction to get them through puppyhood. If you do not have the time for this you may want to consider an older dog that is well established. If you are not interested in breeding on those offered with full rights we would offer them as "Pet Only" for a reduced fee. In doing so we would require the animal to be paid in full and we will do the chore of having them spayed or neutered. We are flexible, because our main goal is to find these animals the best homes!

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