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Bee Spree

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

During our 3 week puppy photoshoot we had a not so pleasant encounter with a surprise bees nest under the deck of our favorite photo site. Just our luck! You would never tell by these adorable photos but oh man did we make the newcomers angry! Lol, 2 puppies and I got the rathe, luckily the kiddos were on the other side of the yard. I got bit on the finger and two puppies got hit on the side of their faces/ ears. They were not happy! It was a long night comforting the one who was in a lot of pain but no major swelling and he was completely fine in the morning. These pups are going to be tough! I can handle a bee sting for the most part but I'll have to say I've never had my finger swell up that big for that long before. Didn't really even swell up until after I did the dishes that night so the next day I couldn't hardly move my middle finger at all. Why does it always have to be the middle finger anyways? Lol, I guess it just sticks out the most ;) No pun intended, haha!

I can say we did go on a bee killing spree that night, trying to locate as many nests as possible. Only to find out the next day when we went to hook up to the flatbed trailer to pick up hay that they had made nests in all the little crevices in the framework as well. That was fun as my husband nominated me to hook the trailer up. I wish I could have videoed my new dance moves as he thought I was flagging him to turn left, right, back up, move forward, when really I was just defending my skin! Ran to the house and grabbed the bee spray and let them have it! You know, I don't know why they have to bee so angry! Haha, not like I was threatening them in any way, just wanted to go on a road trip and was going to drag them along! ;)

That will probably the last time he asks me to hook the trailer up since when we got to our destination I had failed to plug the trailer brakes/ lights in and lock the hitch in! Needless to say, I was a little distracted at the time!

Just another day on the farm!

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